EECA Funding Grants

Get energy projects ‘over the line’ with EECA funding.

Would you like to reduce your energy use and costs while building your brand? If you would like to improve your building’s energy use but haven’t got the capital, a Commercial Project Grant from EECA could fund up to 40% of the cost to help your project ‘over the line’.

Commercial Project Grants

May be used for:

  • upgrading or replacing equipment e.g. lighting, refrigeration, heating and air conditioning
  • ‘continuous commissioning’ systems that adjust energy use in line with demand
  • ‘monitoring and targeting’ systems that monitor energy use and target areas for improvement.

What’s the benefit?

Energy-efficient buildings have lower running costs – leading to more satisfied tenants, higher occupancy rates and better returns. They’re also more comfortable to spend time in. Research indicates energy efficient buildings can command a premium – there is a growing demand for these environments. Reducing your energy consumption is also a good way to show your customers and shareholders that you’re serious about managing your organisation’s resources and impact on the environment.

What buildings qualify?

Offices, retail outlets, foodstores, schools, hospitals and hotels could all be eligible – essentially, everything except large industrial sites and most residential buildings. There’s no minimum size.

What are the grant criteria?

Projects must deliver a guaranteed level of cost-effective energy savings. The level of EECA funding varies, but will usually be enough to ensure the project meets your own investment criteria.

How do I apply?

BTL is a programme partner under EECA’s Commercial Project Grants programme. We can advise on your building needs and potential energy savings, and deliver the project. 


BTL ECCA Programme Partner Flyer