Environmental Awareness

BTL are actively making a difference and leading New Zealand into a sustainable future. We are members of the NZGBC (New Zealand Green Building Council). The NZGBC brand is the mark of quality assurance and commitment to environmental integrity within New Zealand's building industry. Together we are working for a future in which New Zealanders can work and live in healthy, efficient, productive and environmentally sustainable buildings.

The NZGBC is a not-for-profit, industry organisation dedicated to accelerating the development and adoption of market-based green building practices. The Council achieves these aims through:

  • Setting standards of industry best practice, primarily through the adaptation and development of environmental rating systems (such as Green Star) for the built environment; 
  • Influencing policy through leading and demonstrating best practice, advocacy through industry networks and supporting a research agenda that will influence the market; 
  • Education and training for all areas of the building industry value chain, through professional continuing education, selected green building modules and cross industry collaboration with other industry organisations; and 
  • Providing access to networks, information and the latest global resources for our members to actively lead the New Zealand market.


BTL is Green Star accredited. Green Star use tools to address the needs of specific building types, such as office buildings, industrial buildings and education buildings, in the design phase and, following construction, in the built phase (the performance tool is still in development). These tools currently address new buildings, but at BTL we use these tools to align existing buildings with the Green Star standards – a form of future proofing.

Green Star credits are awarded based on the building's environmental merits in a range of areas and they take into consideration the unique development requirements and impacts. Points are then weighted and an overall score is calculated, determining the project's Green Star rating. The possible ratings are;

  • 4 Star Green Star Certified Rating (score 45-59) signifies 'Best Practice'
  • 5 Star Green Star Certified Rating (score 60-74) signifies 'New Zealand Excellence'
  • 6 Star Green Star Certified Rating (score 75-100) signifies 'World Leadership'