Lighting Control

Lighting Control Systems (LCS) provide automation of lighting control based on building occupancy, presence detection, required lighting level, H&S requirement, mood/theme lighting and daylight harvesting. The LCS provides the ability to customise lighting environments to deliver the required lighting performance and efficient energy conservation.

Lighting control essentially means switching or dimming of a lighting source either manually or automatically. At the end of the day, running your business with just what’s required is essential in creating energy efficiency.

Should you have an event outside of the normal parameters of business, remote access technology via the internet allows you to interact with your LCS from anywhere in the world. BTL can even take it a step further by integrating your LCS with your building management system, creating one common operating point.

BTL provides a Lighting Control solution that utilises a comprehensive range of devices for switching, dimming, occupancy sensing, blind and louvre control, daylight harvesting, LED driving, media control and stage lighting. Our Lighting Control Systems utilise the latest available technologies that are on the market including DALI & KNX protocols, Apple based (iPad, iPhone, iTouch) or Android based platform for remote control of a Smart LCS.

Recording and monitoring of LCS is an important part of energy efficiency. Allowing you to quickly identify any incorrect operational changes, manual overrides or electrical faults in the system, will result in energy savings.