Our Service Products

Maximising your building’s operational efficiency.

BTL bring you a unique set of Building Performance Programmes (BPPs) that utilise our considerable industry experience, expertise, and in-depth understanding of our customer’s needs.

Designed to enable our customers to achieve higher levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness with less stress, reduced risk, and less need for third party service providers, our Building Performance Programmes use a combination of:

  • Automation
  • Customised Reports
  • Information Centralisation
  • User-friendly Information Access
  • Site-specific Training
  • Measurement Tools
  • Advanced Documentation


This set of BPPs focuses on improving the operational efficiency of your building’s BMS, plant, and other systems:


Reduce service costs, maintain efficient operation, and minimise the risk of mechanical failures.


Understand the environments inside and outside your building and adapt plant operation to become more energy efficient.


Reduce downtime due to alarms, minimise the effects on tenants, reduce tenant complaints, and reduce callout service costs.


These BPPs are designed to ensure your information, people and tools are prepared to operate in effective and efficient ways:


Upskill your service teams to resolve faults faster, reduce plant downtime, and expand the skill base of your service group.


Create a user-friendly interface between the user and your BMS to minimise incorrect operations, increase ease of use, and improve efficiency.


Centralise all your relevant mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and service information so it can be accessed quickly, easily, and in a user-friendly way.